From North Carolina Archives

(John) Norman McDonald and Nancy (Susan) McLeod, dated Jan. 25, 1813 Both came from the Isle of Skye, Norman in 1812 and Nancy earlier. She came over with her brother Roderick McLeod (a large property owner around the Barclayville Inn area of Harnett/Cumberland County and three sisters; one married an Atkins, one a Buffalo, and one a McDearmid). It is witnessed by A. McAlister. They farmed on land in the Buies Creek area, now owned by Campbell University.




John (Jackie) Gregory and Harriett Coffield, dated Dec. 18, 1823 Both came from Bertie County. (Harriett was the aunt of Cornelius Harnett Coffield, well known in Harnett County history. They are the ancestors of most of the Gregory's in the Buies Creek, Angier, and Lillington area of the county.) It is witnessed by David Woodard.




Norman McDonald and Lucy Gregory, dated Aug. 17, 1842. These are the children of John Norman and Nancy Susan McDonald and Jackie and Harriett Gregory. It is witnessed by D.G. MacRae. Norman and Lucy worked the family farm in Buies Creek before eventually acquiring property from Col. Murchison just southwest of Lillington in 1874, now Hwy 27 about a mile out of town.